"Best food trucks in America"

- Seattle Times

" authentically Mexican!"

"I chose carne asada and carnitas from the pretty extensive menu that included tacos, burritos, gorditas, tamales, quesadillas and more. Also there are good salsas - mild, medium, hot and smoking! My favorite thing is the big jar of picked vegetables on the counter with whole jalapenos, juniper berries, sliced onions, authentically Mexican!"

- Tom Douglas

"...mind blowing."

"Seriously, their carnitas are simply mind blowing."

- Yelp

"...reasonably-priced, authentic taco truck..."

"The burrito I ordered (carne asada) was delicious, and the two salsas I tried out of their selection (an avocado-based green and a smokey, creamy red) brought some hope that future trips to big-box store in North Seattle could be accompanied by reasonably-priced, authentic taco truck detours."

- Metblogs

"Don't miss the fish tacos"

"Fresh-grilled white fish comes topped with bits of cabbage and mild green salsa.."

-Seattle Times

"Extensive Menu"



"If I had one word to describe El Camion it would be clean."

- Seattle Lunch Blogs

"...please your palate and your pocketbook."

"Whatever kind of eater you are, El Camion will not fail to please your palate and your pocketbook."

- Noodle Taco


"[The horchata], supposedly quaffed by the Aztecs, is made from ground rice, ground almonds and water. It was refreshing, slightly sweet and had hints of vanilla and cinnamon, not unlike a dialed down eggnog. It made a good filler for the tacos."


"Best salas"

-Urban Spoon

"...most design-conscious..."

"El Camion is perhaps the most design-conscious taco truck to ever hit the road."

- Seattle Weekly

"El Camion: a truckload of goodness."

- Seattle Times

"...delicious tacos..."

"El Camion serves delicious tacos, burritos, quesadillas, gorditas, mulitas, tortas and tamales out of a cute little black trailer decorated with a string of red chile lights."

-Noodle Taco